最新行動:我們的家園.人民的規劃﹣﹣ 318 遊行 (皇后終站)




活動:團體分享、陳智德X八樓朋友、新彊西藏朋友solidarity音樂演出、何來and friends教跳salsa、團練,節目豐富不能盡錄。


殖民時期,香港被視為借來的空間,借來的時間,九七回歸,港人治港只停留在口號的層次,零三、零四年幾十萬人上街表達民主普選的訴求,至今仍未落實。更甚的是,包括土地使用和人口財富分配等規劃政策, 仍舊向商界傾斜,人民對自己空間的使用權,未能發半句聲音。






人口與財富分配的規劃:除了空間的規劃外,香港並沒有針對人口構成作規劃,在解決失業率時沒有針對婦女勞動力的特色;房屋政策沒有處理年青人和同性戀社群的需要;港人子女居港權的問題十年還未解決,那邊廂卻放寬輸入專才;香港有幾十萬的外傭,卻沒支援這些人口的活動空間;當我們說要擴闊稅基,卻廢除了遺產稅,反過來計畫向普羅大眾徴收銷售稅;面臨人口老化,卻缺乏全民醫療保險和退休保障計劃… …

一直以來,民間都零散地展開很多捍衛自己家園的運動,天星與皇后是其中一個具有象徵性的抗爭,我們希望這個位於中環,財團及政府機構林立的空間,能成為民間匯聚力量的地方,讓我們宣告香港是我們的家園,人民要參與這裡的規劃。普選是民主的其中一個方法,我們更要針對社會種種規劃問題,以人民參與的方式,於自己的生活和空間,在此時此刻,實踐民主!Democracy now!!

Let’s work together: People’s planning for our Home and our Land – 318 Rally (Destination at Queen Pier)

Civic Frontier and Pan-Democrats will initiate a rally demanding for universal suffrage in March 18, we (a group concerned with the environment, conservation, spatial and policy planning) will also join the rally and support the implementation of universal suffrage. However, before the universal suffrage, we can implement democracy in different areas, after all, spatial and planning policy has direct impact on our living space. The preservation of Star Ferry Pier has brought us together. We hope to meet and work with more like-minded friends in March 18, and set up a network to implement People’s planning for our home.

We don’t have an organizational center to prepare for this rally, we coordinate the division of labour via a loose e-mail network (Local Action) and hope that friends who are interested can join in and help out. Below are some of the tasks that you can help out:

1. Online friends, website owners or bloggers, please attach the sticker at ‘beyond the stars’ to help promoting the rally. For those who don’t have a website/blog, please send email to invite friends to join the rally or attach the sticker to your email signature.

2. We are in progress of producing a newsletter, in the middle spread page; there will be a map to show all kinds of planning problems that Hong Kong is facing. We wish that you can forward to us information (with 20-30words) of location that has this kind of problem, so that we can include them onto the map. For example:

Queen Pier: The boarding spot of royal family and governor during colonial period, a historical structure that is threaten by demolition due to government refusal to modify the road alignment for 10 meters.

3. If you want to organize activities related to the same theme in the demonstration and assembly, please let us know your plan so that we can help in coordinating.

We would like to implement the idea and culture of direct participation in organizing the rally so as to demonstrate the idea of People’s planning

Below is the rally statement of Local Action.

People’s planning for our Home and our Land – 318 Rally (Destination at Queen Pier)

During colonial period, Hong Kong was regarded as a borrowed space and borrowed time. After the handover in 1997, “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" remains a political slogan. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in 2003, 2004 to express their aspirations of democratic election, which has not yet been implemented. Worse still, including the distribution of wealth, such as land-use planning and population policies are still inclined to corporate interests. People cannot have a say to the use of their space.

Privatization of public space by consortiums: public housing shopping centers, which were belonged to the Housing Authority (citizen), had been privatized by LINKS; the development West Kowloon has prioritized the interest of corporate; The waterfront of Hong Kong, detached from the living space of ordinary people, has turned into the backyard of private properties or large scale shopping mall, the Central seafront reclamation also falls into the same trap, which is designed as an extension of government head office and the giant Mody Mall.

Cultural and historical heritage has given way to developers: the former Marine Police Headquarters, a historical site, has been developed by Cheung Kong Limited into a fake cultural tourist building, dozen of century-old tree were chopped; Star Ferry were forcibly demolished. If we do not stand up to defend the space, the Queen’s Pier, historical sites of Central College, Nga Tsin Wai Village and other cultural monuments will not be survived through the development thrust.

Neglecting environmental conservation: Our government keeps saying that they care for blue sky; however, the city has more and more wall buildings covering up people’s blue sky and blocking people’s air. Until today, Hong Kong doesn’t have any comprehensive conservation policy; the developers randomly fell down trees in their development projects. Most of the meetings of EIA Committee are closed door, as a result, many projects have ignored public aspiration for environmental protection, for example, LNG terminal’s plan in Soko Island may lead to extinction of dolphins in Hong Kong waters.

Urban renewal sweeps away small businesses and grassroots: Wan Chai, Sham Shui Po, Tai Kok Tsui and Kwun Tong are living spaces for the grassroots. Urban renewal development is sweeping small business, the grassroots and their communities away from the region in large scale; instead, the consortiums, chain stores and expensive residential building moved in. Such development model has destroyed the community networks and urban characteristics and further polarized the rich and the poor by spatial segregation.

Lack of community resources and unequal distribution of resources in new town: the planning in Hong Kong is very centralized. New towns like: Tin Shui Wai, Tung Chung, and etc. do not have enough community infrastructures and supports (including education and health services), which results in serious social problems.

Population and wealth distribution planning: Hong Kong has very poor planning policy towards population development. For example in resolving unemployment problem, the policy does not address the need of the woman population; the housing policy does not address the needs of young people and gay community; the right of abode for the offspring of Hong Kong people has lasted for more that 10 years and not yet been solved, on the other side, the government encourages the importation professionals; There are hundreds of thousands of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, who do not have space for their activities; On the one hand, the government says we should broaden the tax base, on the other hand, the inheritance tax has been abolished, while the government wants to introduce GPS which targets at ordinary people; while we are confronting population aging, the society don’t have comprehensive public health insurance and retirement protection scheme ……

The civil society has been launching different kinds of campaigns to protect their home and land, the preservation of Star Ferry Pier and Queen Pier are symbolical, they are located at Central, a space occupied by government offices and corporate consortiums; we wish the space can become a site for people to join force, and declare that people have the rights to participate in the planning of our home and land. Universal suffrage is a practice of democracy; we also need to practice direct participation in all kinds of planning issues that affect our life and living space directly. We want and we are practicing democracy now!

Date: 18th March 2007
Time: 14:30 to 18:00
Route: Wanchai South playground to Queen Pier

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    時間:3月11日 (星期日)



    另外,在農曆新年期間,市民連月來在皇后碼頭的佈置、藍絲帶、手印橫額、相片、詩作、板凳,全被無聲無息地「清理」了。本土行動主辦的活動一向請市民自行帶凳參與,是次文學沙龍正是人民捲土重來的時機,同時為 3月18日 的遊行暖場,來重新把碼頭變成人民的空間!




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