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318 網上人鏈 318 On-line alliance

你還愛___嗎? — 熊一豆


I Can Only Speak for Myself, Briefly — Lee Chi Leung

loy’s report on the rally

It was very messy at Vitoria Park at the beginning of march, no body knows what happened and ‘big brother’ attitude was very much in the way to dismissed all the plan agreed from the organisation meeting, all the politicans were just focusing on calling donation. Only when Alan arrive that caught some rally focus to get all the media together to some spot. Police had too many ‘iron-horse’ in the way, made the space squashy. There were quite a few thousand jamming at the entrance together with the flower show public. So everybody decided to carry in their own way. We have a hand made artistic banner 14 ft x 30ft, a 3 x 10 Queen’s pier banner, and many against URA project message banner and the group about 60people , we had our green ribbon, stickers and newsletter distribution, and ‘Da Shui Yen’ show, guest we were the most organised and attractive group amount all. enough for the camera ourselves. But those ‘big bothers’ were calling all the time on the speaker for donation and drawing the people to join the rally, it was too loud covering our voice. And the opening was just too messy, we did not have any chance to speak on stage at all. We are preparing our complaint to the rally organiser which was very totally a disaster. We have no confidence to work with those parties group again.

We entered to Wanchai District from Filming rd. which police wanted stop us soon we made the turn. None of us gave in (it was quite funny that, they parked the police bikes front of us and want to force us to join the main group. But the banner was, we just left the banner up and walk over the bikes. Then they were trying to stop us again on Johnson rd. But the traffic were already jammed up behind us, and we were all just sat on the middle of the road. Eventually they gave in and let us enter Wanchai. ) Wanchai shop keepers and passengers were very surprise that we enter the district, they ran out to see what happened, we were call to preserve Wanchai as what it is and their living style. Wanchai Market owners were very happy to see us and came out to make some statement. Then we head toward Blue House. They prepared the signature table and resident to speak. We stayed about ten minutes and moved on to Li Tung Street.

It was a strong feeling for our crowd to walk into a dying street. It was like walking into a movie set up. Everything was unreal and dead (reminding me my visit to Buffalo town on my way to Canada many year ago. The town was like a ghost town outside the patrol station.). Sister May were there awaiting for us with her red poster sticking on some shop at the end of Li Tung Street toward Johnson rd. They did some statement and signature activity while I took a min sneak to a nearby toilet.

The team came bk to the Hennessey road about 5:40 , we lost sight of the main rally. Someone called us to send speech presenter at government headquarter by the time we reached to Pacific Place. But we could not go as it will take us too long to run up there, while the group were getting quite tired and we needed to keep the energy together. We took our turn toward Charter garden via HSBC square where thousand of domestic helpers were there, and we took the opportunity to draw their awareness of Central seafront development and invite their support to join us to preserve Central public right and public space. They plaused for us which was nice.

We entered Queen’s pier by 6ish and our gathering there. Presenting group gave their speeches, then poetry’s reading, singing and dancing. The gathering was lovely.

Local Action will do another review today or tomorrow.


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